Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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Gemialidades Weasley - can be purchased in Zonko's or students can try to find revenue through interpretation.
- Febricolate - Does your body temperature rise instantly, leaving the student with a fever.
- Infallible Remover Pimples in 10 Seconds - Remover boils to blackheads. Is pink in a pot.
- Wonder Witch - Cause crush for 24 hours, depending on the weight of the boy in question and the attraction exerted by the girl. Color: Pink gaudy.
- Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder - Creates a darkness dense and resistant to several spells of illumination, Lumos and Fire. Unless you have a Hand of Glory, you can not see anything for a long time. You can get almost the same effect as "Deluminator."

Dangerous Potions
- Polyjuice Potion - Used to turn a person into another, requiring something of the person who intends to turn, like hair. Its effect is temporary and lasts only one hour. It should not be used in semi-human or animal form to take. When this occurs, it takes care of the healers for the person returns to normal. It resembles the mud, placed after the final ingredient, is clear and golden. The taste varies. Once taken, the person's skin and distorts burbulha as hot wax, and within seconds the transformation is complete.You should get something through interpretation of the person on the forum.
- Forgetfulness potion - to make a person forget things.
- Essence of Insanity - Cause gradually euphoria and insanity.
- Gas Garroteante - invisible gas that apparently makes people unconscious.
- Potion to confuse - Produces a caring and warmth in the head.
- Fura-Frunco ​​Powder - Powder that gives rise to boils.
- Potion of Undead - very powerful potion that makes the person sleep soundly, looking dead for a long time.
- Anointing of Gregory unctuous - Potion to convince one that serves the potion is the best friend who drinks.
- Veritaserum - Force drinker to tell the truth. It has a rigorous control of use by the Ministry of Magic. It is the most powerful in the world of Truth Serum. Has no color or odor, looks like water. Simply using three drops. It takes a whole cycle of full moon to be mature when it is being made. There is an antidote to Veritaserum.
- Felix Felicis - Everything that a person will try to do as far as possible, right. It's liquid luck. It takes six months to get ready, for it must be cooked on slow fire. It is very toxic in high amounts, if ingested in excess causes giddiness, recklessness and dangerous overconfidence. Its use is banned in official competitions, sporting events, examinations and elections. It has the color of molten gold, and when boiled, forms of drops in fish jump it. A tiny bottle can hold 12 hours of luck.
- Resurrection Potion / Potion Voldemort - Form a body to be placed on an existing soul.
- Elixir of Life - Extends the life of the drinker. Must have regular use.Unable to do because the Philosopher's Stone, which produced its main ingredient, was destroyed.

Dark Arts
- Curse of Dolohov Antonio - A variation of Sectumsempra causing internal damage.
- Avada Kedavra - One of the Unforgivable Curses. Cause instantaneous death, without leaving any sign. This spell produces a flash of green light and a sound of something hitting the target.
- Conjunctivitus - affects the eyes and vision of the victim.
- Crucio - Cruciatus Curse, one of the Unforgivable Curses. Causes tremendous physical pain throughout the body of the victim, leading her to madness.
- Imperius - One of the Unforgivable Curses. Causes the victim is controlled by the wizard who cast the spell, however those with high mental ability can learn to resist this spell.
- Legilimens - The wizard enters the mind of the victim can see memories and emotions.
- Mobilicorpus - Levita and move bodies.
- Morsmordre - Conjures the Dark Mark.
- Obliviate - cause amnesia or memory swapping.
- Confringo - Cause an explosion at the opponent and anything that has contact with this spell explodes. It is also known as Charm or Curse Detonator Explosion.
- Horcrux - Object in which one hides part of his own soul, seeking eternal life.
- Tabu - Curse speech, certain words or small words. When the curse word is uttered, anyone who spoke becomes traceable.
- Sectumsempra - A spell that makes the victim look like it was stabbed, makes blood come out.
- Verdillious - Generates an attack in the form of jet, with greenish tinge in the victim.
- Serpensortia - Through this spell the sorcerer casts a long snake that can attack your opponent. It is important to know that the spell caster has no control over the snake unless it is Parselmouth, but as the snake is thrown forward, is more likely to attack the opponent.

Special jinx
- Ferreteante jinx - causes a burning pain on the victim, such as sunburn. It is produced without the intention of the launcher.Used only in cases of extreme danger to life or serious accidents